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Phase Sequence Indicator.

50109-G-01 Phase Sequence Indicator. Voltage range 60V to 600V, 25 to 1000Hz.
50109-G-02 Phase Rotation Indicator. Voltage range 60Hz 5kV
50109-G-03 Phase Rotation Indicator. Voltage range 60Hz 1kV
Indicators are used to determine proper sequence on all polyphase circuits prior to connecting phase
sensitive loads such as pumps or motors, paralleling generating sources or replacing transformers.
Series 560 Phase Sequence Indicators will indicate presence of all phases as well as phase
Both phase sequence indicators display clockwise and counterclockwise rotation on two jumbo LEDs.
It includes a battery test switch with high reliability circuitry and construction.

Phase Sequence Indicator

Model  Description 
50109-G-01  Phase Sequence Indicator 60V-600V
50109-G-02  Phase Sequence Indicator 60Hz – 5kV
50109-G-03  Phase Sequence Indicator 60Hz – 1kV

The 50109-G-01 and the 50109-G-02 Phase Rotation Sequence Indicators are both housed in a high impact
plastic case and have permanently attached leads with fully insulated color coded spring clips for easy
identification and fast hookup.
The battery test switch is conveniently located on the front of the unit and positioned to avoid inadvertent
activation during storage. Slide open battery compartment facilitates easy 9-volt battery replacement


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