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High Line Phasing Voltmeter

50101-G-07 Phasing Voltmeter Voltage Phase Sensor.
The Phasing Voltmeter provides a safe and convenient testing means for paralleling 3-phase high voltage
circuits. The Phasing Voltmeter consists of two resistance elements connected in series with an indicating
meter in the series connection Each resistance element is equipped with a test probe and a male threaded
5/8-11 stud for use with quick change hot sticks.

Phasing Voltmeter Voltage Phase Sensor.

Model  Description 
50101-G-01  Phasing Voltmeter - 0-5kV (Hard Wired)
50101-G-07  Phasing Voltmeter 0-9kV/9-36kV
50101-G-08  Phasing Voltmeter 0-9kV/9-36kV w/Hot Sticks
50101-G-09  Phasing Voltmeter, 0-5kV
50101-G-10  Phasing Voltmeter 0-25kV w/2 Bushing Adapters
50101-G-11  Phasing Voltmeter 0-25kV w/2 Bushing Adapters and Hot Sticks
50101-G-12  Phasing Voltmeter 0-35kV w/2 Bushing Adapters
50101-G-13  Phasing Voltmeter 0-35kV w/2 Bushing Adapters and Hot Sticks
50101-G-16  Phasing Voltmeter, 0-50kV
50101-G-17  Phasing Voltmeter 0-5kV w/Hot Sticks and Bushing Adapters
50101-G-18  Phasing Voltmeter, 0-40kV
50101-G-19  Phasing Voltmeter. 0-50kV w/Hot Sticks
50101-G-20  Phasing Voltmeter, 0-120kV
50101-G-21  Phasing Voltmeter, 0-40kV w/Hot Sticks
  Available Accessories

The Phasing Voltmeter Phasing Voltmeter indicating voltmeter has two ranges, 9kV and 36kV,
with a range selector switch mounted on the back of the meter housing.
The switch is clearly marked for the range of the voltmeter. This unit is lightweight and easy to read.
Typical uses include line-to-ground voltage measurements and phase for paralleling operations.

Accessories for Phasing Voltmeter.
Catalog Description 
50118-G-02  1/2 Set of Hot Sticks 
10104-P-02 Shepherd’s Hook
10104-P-03  Probe Tip 
30142-P-01  Shot Gun Adapter 
50111-P-01  Bushing Adapter 
10275-P-01  Universal Adapter 
50131-G-01  C-Clamp for Grounding 
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