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Calibration Hand Pump.

MECP100 Pneumatic Pressure Pump. Pneumatic Hand Pump for Calibration Vacuum to 100 PSI.
The Pneumatic Hand Pump is designed to be a simple to use pressure and vacuum source for calibrating
process control instrumentation. Combined with one of our pressure calibrators, the pump makes a complete
Pneumatic and Vacuum Calibration System for low pressure applications.
This vacuum pump provides a source of air pressure, 0-100 psi, or vacuum, 0-28" Hg.

Pneumatic Calibration Pump

Model  Description 
MECP100  MECP100 Pump - Low Pressure and Vacuum Pump
-12 to 100 psi (-0.8 to 7 bar) (-80 to 700 kPa)
MECP100 Kit  Low Pressure & Vacuum Pump (-28 in. Hg to 100 PSI)
with one test hose and one 1/8" FNPT port

The rugged and reliable design of these hand pumps and the fine adjustment controls added to their design
provides a low cost way to verify the performance of pressure instrumentation.
MECP100 Hand Pumps can be purchased independently, or in a kit including carrying case, NPT adapters,
seals, and hoses.
Pressure Calibrators and Pressure Gauges are also available.

Pneumatic pump Kit 

The Pneumatic Pressure Pump Kit includes:

MECP100 Pneumatic Pressure Pump
Hard Sided Carrying Case (2)
Quick Disconnect Fittings
User Manual and Teflon Tape
Calibration Hose

Pump Specification:

Hand Pump Max. Rated Pressure: 100PSI (7 BAR) Max.
Rated Vacuum: –12.00PSI (–.85 BAR) Max.
Leak Rate1: £0.12PSI/minute after a 1 minute stabilization period
Wetted Materials: Aluminum, Silicon, Neoprene, Stainless Steel, Buna-N
Note 1: Does not include temperature effects
In-line Filter
Inlet fitting: 1/8" brass female NPT
Outlet fitting: 1/8" brass male NPT
Length: 2.125 in.
Flange diameter: 1.875 in.
Housing diameter: 1.560 in.
Max. pressure: 100 psi
Max. temperature: 200° F
Max. flow: 10 SCFM
Burst pressure: 375 psi
Filtration: 1 micron

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