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MODEL 31 Portable Single and Three Phase Power Analyzers are valuable engineering tools designed to offer precision measurement on all types of signals including electronic drives. The Model 31 portable Power Analyzer are sophisticated measuring instruments, single phase and three phase, designed for laboratory and field use.
Unlike other instruments in this price range the Model 31 Power Analyzers are suitable for measurements on frequency inverter drives, light ballasts, and other electronically controlled loads. The wide frequency range, the high common mode rejection, and the fact that you can measure currents of up to 50A directly without having to use clamps guarantees excellent accuracy for all types of measurements.

Portable Power Analyzer

Model  Description 
31-1/0.2  Single Phase Portable Power Analyzer, 0.2% accuracy.
31-3/0.2  Three Phase Power Analyzer, 0.2% accuracy.
31-3/0.2M  Three Phase Power Analyzer, 0.1% accuracy.

The Model 31 Power Analyzer are controlled by six menu soft keys M1 through M6, five cursor soft keys, and one power-on/off soft key. The operating procedure, to configure the display, to configure the interface, to set scaling factors, and to select the input, the ranges, and many more functions are self-explanatory.
If you desire you can store your personal instrument configuration in nonvolatile memory and have the unit start-up with your personal configuration at power-on. Efficient data processing makes simultaneous measurements in a three phase system possible. Three True RMS line voltages, True RMS line-to-line voltages, True RMS currents, power, power factor, minimum, maximum, harmonics of 3 currents and 3 voltages, and all derived quantities are determined from the same measurement interval (minimum 250ms).
You have the choice to display phase values including wave forms or bar graphs, or you can display total and average values in the 3 phase system.
You can also display the values of all three phases including their sums, and averages.

The Model 31 Power Analyzer includes a data logging mode to transfer data from a dynamic
process to a personal computer for further analysis.
Also, current harmonics according to IEC1000-3-2 in a 3 phase system are determined.
By means of the operating software simple pass-fail criteria are generated.

Model 31 Power Analyzer specification
31 Power Analyzer
Voltage 7 ranges: 1V, 3V, 10V, 30V, 100V, 300V, 1000V
Frequency range  DC, 0.1Hz-1MHz 
Crest Factor  3:1 at 50% full scale (fs) 
Input Impedance  less than 1MΩ 
Common Mode - 50Hz/100kHz  160dB/100dB 
Standard accuracy 23° C; rms, mean, rectified mean; 0.3V typical
1Hz-1kHz = ± (0.1% rdg + 0.07% range)
1kHz-10kHz = ± (0.3% range + 0.2% range)
10kHz-100kHz = ± (0.05% range + 0.3% range) 
Accuracy Grades:
k=1, k=2, k=4
Current 10 ranges: 100mA,300mA,1A,3A,10A; 1,3,10,30,100A Clamp: 1A - 1000A
Frequency range  DC, 0.1Hz-100kHz 
Crest Factor  3:1 at 50% full scale (fs) 
Common Mode - 50Hz/100kHz  160dB/120dB 
Accuracy 23° C ± 3° C;rdg= reading, rng= range
3A input
1Hz-500Hz             ± k(0.1% rdg + 0.1% rng)
500Hz-2kHz           ± k(0.8% rdg + 0.8% rng)
2kHz-10kHz           ± k(2% rdg + 1% rng)
10kHz-100kHz       ± k(0.1%/kHz rdg + 2% rng)
Accuracy Grades:
k=1, k=2, k=4 
Power 70 Ranges corresponding to the products of voltage ranges time
current ranges.
Frequency range  DC-100kHz 
Accuracy 23° C ± 3° C

1Hz-1kHz Add accuracy percentage of current and voltage
1kHz-100kHz Add accuracy percentage figures of current and voltage
input, add ± 2% (1-PF)/kHz of range

PF = 0 to ± 1
Frequency  2Hz-100kHz; A; V: ± 0.1%  
Reactive Power, Var = ± (VA² - W²)½; Apparent Power: VA = Arms Vrms;
Power Factor: PF = W/VA; Crest Factor: CF = Ap/Arms, Vp/Vrms;
Maximum = Ap, Vp; Minimum: -Ap, -Vp; PtP: Maximum - Minimum;
Impedance: Z = Vrms/Arms;
Total Harm Dist: THD1 = (Irms² - IFund²)½/Irms
THD2 = (I2_rms² + I3_rms² + In_rms²)½/Irms
Add accuracy percentage
figures of values involved
in computation. 
Integrator Energy, Accuracy: Wh, VAh; Basic accuracy of integrated quantity.
Frequency range of fundamental - 4Hz-50kHz
Range of harmonics  1-63 
Computed values: harmonics power, harmonic phase angle (power factor)
harmonic impedance.
Add accuracy
figures of values
in computation.  
Options RS232 interface
Windows operating software 95,98,NT,ME,2000,XP
Current clamps 0-200A / 0-400A
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