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106A Power harmonics analyzers are state of the art high performance power analyzers, single and three phase.
Unlike other instruments at this price level the 106A Power Analyzer is designed to cope with the extreme signals generated on frequency inverter drivers. You don't have to worry about the signal wave forms.
106A Power Harmonics Analyzer will always provide precise and reliable measurements.
The large and very bright monitor lets you read the display values from a distance up to 4m.

Power Analyzer

Model  Description 
106A-1/0.1  Single Phase Power Harmonics Analyzer, 0.1% accuracy
106A-1/0.05  Single Phase Power Harmonics Analyzer, 0.05% accuracy
106A-1/nh  Single Phase Power Analyzer, no harmonics, no graphics
106A-3/0.1  Three Phase Power Harmonics Analyzer, 0.1% accuracy
106A-3/0.05  Three Phase Power Harmonics Analyzer, 0.05% accuracy
106A-3/nh  Three Phase Power Analyzer, no harmonics no graphics

From checking power of your coffee machine to determining the pertinent power parameters of a frequency inverter driven system is a simple task. You have all values displayed. In large letters by the way, well readable, even in dark rooms. The user menu makes operation easy.
The measured values you can either print, send them to a PC via IEEE- or RS232 interface, or to a chart recorder via the analog outputs. You can have all available options installed in your instrument.

The 106A Power Analyzer will give you the highest performance at low costs.
The analyzer inputs are all galvanically isolated, are broad band DC-300kHz, have a wide input range (0.3V - 1000V, 15mA - 40A), and have an exceptional common mode rejection for use in frequency inverter driven systems.

The accuracy is 0.1% (0.05% versions are available).
The bright LCD monitor displays up to 10 measured values in well legible 9mm high numbers.
The Three Phase Power Analyzer puts up to 32 measured values on the screen. You have the choice to visualize wave forms, bar graphs or trend plots.
A unique feature of these instruments allows a combination of meter mode and graphic mode.

Power Analyzer specification
106A Power Analyzer
Voltage Ranges, 8 ranges 1-3-10-sequence; 0.3V, 1V, 3V, 10V, 30V, 100V, 300V, 1000V
Frequency range  DC, 0.1Hz-1MHz 
Crest Factor  3:1 at 50% full scale (fs) 
Input Impedance  less than 1MΩ 
Common Mode - 50Hz/100kHz  160dB/100dB 
Standard accuracy 23° C; rms, mean, rectified mean; 0.3V typical
1Hz-1kHz = ± (0.1% rdg + 0.1% range)
DC, 1kHz-10kHz = ± (0.2% rdg + 0.2% range)
10kHz-100kHz = ± (0.3% range + 0.04%/kHz rdg)
100kHz-300kHz = ± (0.3% range + 0.04%/kHz rdg), typical 
Improved accuracy
 ± (0.05% rdg + 0.07% range ) 
Current 13 Ranges: 1.5mA, 5mA, 15mA, 50mA, 150mA, 500mA, 1.5A, 5A; 1A, 3A, 10A, 30A, 100A Max. 1A, 5A, 30A, resp.
Frequency range  DC, 0.1Hz-300kHz 
Crest Factor  3:1 at 50% full scale (fs) 
Common Mode - 50Hz/100kHz  160dB/120dB 
Standard accuracy 23° C; 1A-, 5A-, shunt input
1Hz-1kHz DC,      ± (0.1% rdg + 0.1% range)
1kHz-10kHz          ± (0.2% rdg + 0.2% range)
10kHz-100kHz      ± (0.3% rdg + 0.04%/kHz rdg)
100kHz-300kHz    ± (0.3% rdg + 0.04%/kHz rdg)
Lowest ranges 1.5mA, 15mA
1A typical.
Improved accuracy 1Hz-400Hz
± (0.05% rdg + 0.07% range) 
Power 104 ranges corresponding to the products V x A
Frequency range  DC, 0.1Hz-300kHz 
Accuracy 23° C ± 3° C
45Hz-65Hz ± (0.1% rdg + 0.01% range)
1Hz-1kHz Add accuracy percentage of current and voltage
DC, 1kHz-10kHz +0.04%/kHz PF

PF = 0 to ± 0.1
PF = 0 to ± 1
PF = 0 to ± 1
PF = 1 
Frequency  0.1Hz-400kHz, V triggered; Accuracy ± 0.1%  
Accuracy; Reactive Power, Var = ± (VA² - W²)½;
Apparent Power: VA = Arms Vrms; Power Factor: PF = W/VA; 
Crest Factor: CF = Ap/Arms, Vp/Vrms; Form Factor: FF = At/Arms, Vt/Vrms; Impedance: Z = Vrms/Arms;
Total Harm Dist: THD = (Irms² - IFund²)½/Irms
Add accuracy percentage
figures of values involved
in computation. 
Integrator Energy, Charge; Accuracy - Wh, VAh, Varh, Ah; Basic accuracy of integrated quantity.
Frequency range of fundamental - 2.5Hz-100kHz
Range of harmonics  1-99 
Accuracy, Harmonics current and voltage
2Hz-1kHz = ± (0.1% rdg + 0.1% range)
1kHz-10kHz = ± (0.5% rdg + 0.5% range)
10kHz-100kHz = ± (0.7% range + 0.1%/kHz rdg),typical 
Options IEEE-488-2, RS232, Centronics printer output
4 programmable analog outputs, single-, sum-, or average values
4 Analog inputs 0-± 5V, input impedance 200kΩ
4 Analog inputs 0-± 10V, input impedance 200kΩ
Rack mounting kit
Windows Operating Software (95 - Vista), transformer-motor testing
0 - ± 5V, accuracy 0.2%
0 - ± 5V, accuracy 0.2%
0 - ± 10V, accuracy 0.2%
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