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107A High Speed Power Analyzer is a very advanced measurement tool designed to offer the scientist, engineer, or technician more electrical and mechanical signal information than is normally found in one single instrument. The Model 107A Power Analyzers are multipurpose instruments designed for laboratory and field use, for production testing and quality control. High accuracy, wide frequency range, and high common mode rejection are prerequisites for precision measurements on inverters, light ballasts and ultrasonic transducers.
The 107A measurement capabilities and simplicity of use are unmatched.

107A High Speed Power Analyzer

Model  Description 
107A-1/0.1  Single Phase High Speed Power Analyzer, 0.1% accuracy
107A-3/0.3  Three Phase High Speed Power Analyzer, 0.3% accuracy
107A-3/0.1  Three Phase High Speed Power Analyzer, 0.1% accuracy
107A-3/0.1M  Three Phase Power Analyzer - dynamic motor testing
107A-3/0.1T  Three Phase Power Analyzer for transformer testing

Six menu soft keys M1 through M6 and five cursor soft keys control the instrument.
The operating procedure, to configure the display and the interface, to store instrument settings, to set the scaling factors, to select the operating mode, to select the input, the ranges, and many more features is self explanatory. You can save your personal instrument settings and have the unit start-up with your personal configuration at power-on. Efficient data processing permits simultaneous measurements on all three phases of a three phase system and yields comprehensive signal information including RMS and power values, harmonics, phase angles, and where applicable mechanical power output, torque, efficiency, and slip.

A programmable data logging function permits to transfer of up to 500 RMS and power values
per second to a personal computer.
Using the operating software plots of power versus time or speed, or current versus time or
frequency are easily generated.

The 107A Power Analyzers determines electrical motor torque applied to its load.
No torque transducers are needed. Induction motors and dc motors require a speed transducer,
synchronous motors do not. A special operating mode for dynamic torque measurement in the air gap
of a generator or motor provides plots of torque versus speed, frequency, or time and helps to
detect undesirable peaks.

High Speed Power Analyzer specification
107A Power Analyzer data logger.
Voltage Ranges, 7 ranges 1V, 3V, 10V, 30V, 100V, 300V, 1000V
Frequency range: DC-300kHz ¦ Coupling: AC/AC+DC  1Hz-300kHz / DC-300kHz
Crest Factor 3:1 at 50% full scale ¦ Common Mode 50Hz / 100kHz  1000V / 600V
Input Impedance  less than 1MΩ 
Common Mode - 50Hz/100kHz  160dB/100dB 
Accuracy 23° C ± 3° C; rms, rdg= reading
1Hz-1kHz                  ± k(0.05% rdg + 0.07% range)
1kHz-10kHz              ± k(0.2% rdg + 0.2% range)
10kHz-80kHz            ± k(0.04%/kHz rdg + 0.3% range)
80kHz-300kHz          ± k(0.04%/kHz rdg + 0.3% range),typica
Accuracy Grades:
k=1, k=2, k=6
Current 10 ranges: 100mA,300mA,1A,3A,10A; 1,3,10,30,100A Clamp: 1A - 1000A
Frequency range: DC-300kHz ¦ Coupling: AC/AC+DC  1Hz-300kHz / DC-300kHz
Crest Factor  3:1 at 50% full scale (fs) 
Common Mode - 50Hz/100kHz  160dB/120dB 
Accuracy 23° C ± 3° C; rdg= reading, rng= range 3A input
1Hz-500Hz                 ± k(0.07% rdg + 0.07% rng)
500Hz-2kHz               ± k(0.8% rdg + 0.8% rng)
2kHz-10kHz                ± k(2% rdg + 1% rng)
10kHz-100kHz            ± k(0.1%/kHz rdg + 2% rng
Accuracy Grades:
k=1, k=2, k=6 
Power 70 Ranges corresponding to the products of voltage ranges time current ranges.
Frequency range  DC, 0.1Hz-300kHz 
Accuracy 23° C ± 3° C; 50A/Clamp input, 3A input
1Hz-1kHz Add accuracy percentage figures of current and voltage input 1kHz-100kHz Add accuracy percentage figures of current and voltage input, add ± 1% (1-PF)/kHz of range 

PF = 0 to ± 1
Frequency  0.1Hz-400kHz, V triggered; Accuracy ± 0.1%  
Reactive Power, Var = ± (VA² - W²)½; Apparent Power: VA = Arms Vrms;
Power Factor: PF = W/VA; Crest Factor: CF = Ap/Arms, Vp/Vrms;
Maximum = Ap, Vp; Minimum: -Ap, -Vp; PtP: Maximum - Minimum; Impedance: Z = Vrms/Arms; Total Harm Dist: THD1 = (Irms² - IFund²)½/Irms THD2 = (I2_rms² + I3_rms² + In_rms²)½/Irms
Add accuracy percentage
figures of values involved
in computation. 
Frequency range of fundamental - 4Hz-50kHz
Range of harmonics  1-63 
Accuracy: harmonic current and voltage, same as rms current and rms voltage.
Computed values: harmonics power, harmonic phase angle (power factor)
harmonic impedance.
Output values, speed and duration is programmable; maximum speed:
10 values from a 3-phase system in 20ms.
Range of signal
5Hz to 1kHz
Options RS232 interface
10 High speed analog inputs (1 frequency, 9 dc voltage)
10 Analog outputs
Windows operating software 95,98,NT,ME,2000,XP
fx, ± 5V
± 5Vr
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