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Precision Bench Thermometer.

F200 High Precision Bench Thermometer. High Performance 2 or 8-channel Thermometer.
F200 Bench Thermometer for calibrated and un calibrated Pt100 probes, with great new features for
increased usability and lower life-costs.
Using calibrated probes with F200 Bench Thermometer you choose between storing calibration data into
memory in the instrument or into the probe's proprietary “Smart” connector.
Calibration data stays permanently with the probe in this connector, which F200 Digital Thermometer
instantly recognizes, ensuring fool proof measurement. Better yet, the ASL “Smart connectors use the ASL
standard 5-pin DIN connector, so you can use probes with normal, passive connectors on the same input.
How's that for versatility

F200 Precision Thermometer.

Model  Description 
F200  F200 2 or 8 Channel Laboratory Digital Thermometer
Thermometer specification
Range  -200°C to +962°C, depending on PRT used. 
Accuracy  F200 only :<±0.01°C (± 10mK).
F200 + T100-250: ±25mK (-50°C to +250°C).
F200 + T100-450: -70°C (±45mK), -40°C to +250°C ( ±25mK),
+250°C to +450°C (±100mK).
F200 + T100-650: -189°C to 420°C (±20mK), +420°C to +550°C (±35mK). 
Resolution  0.001°C. 
Repeatability  ±2 least significant digits (±0.002°C), included in accuracy. 
Stability  Long term: typically <0.002W per year (<0.005°C for Pt100). 
Temperature co-efficient  <0.00005°C per °C ambient change. 
Data entry format  ITS90 coefficients, Calendar van Dusen coefficients, or EN60751
for un-calibrated probes. 
Probe Current  1 mA constant current source. 
Probe Types  Pt100 to EN60751 with nominal R0=100W and 25W high alpha
probes up to 0.00392. 
Cable Length  Maximum 100 meters of 4-core 19/0.15 SPC/PTFE screened cable 
Thermometer input connectors  2 off (2 ch.) or 8 off (8 ch.) 5 pin industrial DIN socket can be used
with passive or proprietary “Smart connector”. 
Communications  Galvanically isolated RS232C: 4KV isolation. Baud rate 9600. 
Operating Conditions  0°C to 50°C, 10-90% RH non-condensing. 
Power Requirements  90 to 264VAC universal IEC 320 input on rear panel, 47-63 Hz, 30VA max. 
Weight  1 kg (2.2 lbs). 
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