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High Precision Thermometer.

F100 High Precision Thermometer. 2-channel thermometer.
High performance handheld 2-channel thermometer for Pt100 and Thermistor probes.
If you're looking for a step up in measurement accuracy with a battery powered, handheld thermometer,
F100 is for you. 

F100 High Precision Thermometer

Model  Description 
F100  F100 Precision Thermometer

F100 Precision Thermometer can handle all your needs, with accuracies and resolutions normally
associated with a bench top thermometer.
Two inputs give you direct temperatures from Pt100 or Thermistor probes, or you can display the temperature
difference between them. You can log measurements directly to memory or, if you prefer, use the USB port to
control and data log with your PC.
F100 precision thermometer will display for you a statistical analysis of your measurements, with average
value, min and max values and standard deviation.
Because F100 thermometer will display in ohms as well as temperature, you can even use it to calibrate one
probe against another.

Most instruments require you to enter calibrated probe data into memory to optimize measurement
accuracy, which can mean a lot of data entering if you change probes regularly.
With ASL's SMART connector on your probes, you only need to store the data once - in the connector!
The calibration data stays with the probe - permanently.
You can even use it on another F100 without any further action.
The SMART connector saves you time and reduces error.
If you have existing calibrated or uncalibrated probes, no problem, F100 automatically registers if a
probe is SMART or normal.
F100 High Precision Thermometer
Range  -200°C to +850°C  
Accuracy  F100 only: ±0.02°C (±20mK  
Resolution  0.001°C  
Repeatability  ±2 least significant digits (±0.002°C), included in accuracy  
Temperature coefficient  <0.00005°C per °C ambient change  
Data entry format  ITS90 and CvD for calibrated probes; or EN60751 for un-calibrated
Probe Current  1mA switched d.c. (Pt100); Auto-select 1mA, 25µA & 5µA for thermistors  
Probe Types  Pt100 and Pt25 resistance thermometers plus NTC thermistors.
Cable length typically 2M  
Maximum Cable Length  100 meters for Pt100; 30 meters for SMART Pt100  
Thermometer Input connectors  2 x 5 pin industrial DIN socket with screw lock to connecting
plug,  accepting both normal and SMART probes.  
Display  Backlit LCD  
Communications  USB Interface  
User Functions  Display hold, Display zero, One-shot measurement,
Measurement log,
Statistical analysis - min/max, average, standard deviation.  
Operating Conditions  Full specification range: +15°C to +25°C.
Full operating range: 0°C to +40°C <80%RH non-condensing  
Power  Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) rechargeable battery.
Charging socket built-in. Low battery indicator  
Dimensions  232mm(L) x 97mm(D) x 53mm(W) nominal  
Weight  500 g(1.1 lbs)  
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