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PC-507 Pressure Calibrator

PC-507 pressure calibrator is an instrument of reduced dimensions, compact, operates with
rechargeable battery, includes practical carrying case to make easier its field use.
Its technical features indicate performance levels comparable only to laboratory standards,
it presents accuracy of 0.05% of reading and can be provided with one, two, three or four pressure sensors,
so that, one calibrator may contain different ranges, for example, vacuum, 0 to 100psi, 0 to 1000psi and
0 to 3000psi, or any other possible combination among the available ranges.
The calibrator may be purchased with a certain number of sensors, which may be later increased.

PC-507 Pressure Calibrator

Model  Description 
PC-507  Pressure Calibrator
include: Pressure input any range, carrying case, test leads, Batteries,
Instruction Manual and NIST Calibration Certificate.

The user can increase the number of sensors of the PC-507 by installing new ones in the calibrator.
Interfaces with Windows-based Calibration Software CS-504 to provide a Documenting Calibration System.
Real-time data acquisition capability when connected to a computer.
Portable and small, ideal for field use, presents performance levels comparable only to laboratory standards: Available with one up to four pressure sensors.
Ranges from 10"H2O to 3000psi gage or absolute pressure, including vacuum and differential between any pair of sensors.
Accuracy of 0.05% of reading
Measures pressure, mA and volts and generates mA and volts.
Provides a 24VDC power supply for 2-wire transmitters, and contact input for pressure switch verification. Includes input for optional temperature probe.

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