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BetaGauge 301 Pressure Calibrator

The BetaGauge 301 Pressure calibrator is a general purpose, value oriented pressure calibrator.
With one internal pressure range and an available adapter for external BetaPort–P pressure modules,
the possibilities are extensive.
The available internal sensor ranges are:
1, 5, 30, 100 and 300 PSI. Note: 30 and 100 PSI ranges are calibrated from -12 PSI to full scale.

BetaGauge 301 Pressure Calibrator

Model  Description 
301  BetaGauge 301 Pressure calibrator one pressure port.  
301  BetaGauge 301 Pressure calibrator KIT carrying case, pump hose.  
301  BetaGauge 301 Calibrator KIT 300 PSI carrying case, pump hose.  

Display can be configured to display up to 3 inputs simultaneously (i.e. pressure 1,
pressure 2, and RTD or any combination of inputs)
Ideal for gas flow calibration (custody transfer) applications
Switch test on Pressure 1, Pressure 2, or external pressure module
Operating mode layers support simple measurements to complex applications
Up to five frequently used setups to be stored; last setup automatically recalled on power-up
% Error and damping functions
Small, rugged compact design operates on four (4) standard AA batteries

BetaGauge 301 Pressure calibrator.
Available Pressure  1 psi, 5 psi, 30, psi, 100 psi, 300 psi,  
mA  0 to 24.000 mA 
Volts  0 to 30.000 VDC 
Engineering Units  psi, bar, mbar, kPa, MPa, kgcm2,
cmH2O@4° C, cmH2O@20° C,
mH2O@4° C, mH2O@20° C,
inH2O@4° C, inH2O@20° C,
inH2O@60° F, mmHg@0° C,
inHg@0° C, ftH2O@4° C,
ftH2O@20° C, ftH2O@60° F + user defined unit 
Pressure  ± 0.05% F.S.; for all ranges 
mA  ± 0.015% of rdg± 0.002mA 
Volts  ± 0.015% of reading ± 0.002V 
Temperature Compensation  18° C to 23° C 
Temperature Range   
Operating  -10 to +55 ° C 
Storage  -20 to +60 ° C 
Power Requirements   
Battery  6 VDC, 4 AA cells required; included 
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