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UC504-PMY Pressure Module for the multi calibrator.

Through UC504 PMY the multi calibrator UC-504 can measure pressure with high accuracy.

Ideal to calibrate and adjust pressure instruments, such as: pressure and vacuum gages, pressure transmitters, strain gages, I/P converters, pressure switches etc.

UC504-PMY Pressure Module

Model  Description 
PMY-504  Pressure Module Single
PMY-504  Pressure Module Double

One or two pressure ranges per module, simple or double pressure version.
Gage, absolute, differential pressure and vacuum.
Ranges between 0-250mmH2O and 0-1000psi.
High accuracy (0.05% FS) and high thermal stability (0.005% FS/ºC).
Several engineering units available to show pressure ranges.

UC504 PMY uses piezoresistive pressure sensors which constitute the state-of-art in pressure
The sensors construction in the solid state technology grants high reliability in the measurements. Nonlinearity effects, hysteresis, thermal variation etc. are minimized by the use of temperature
compensation algorithms in pressure measurements.
UC504 PMY has also a mV input proper to calibrate strain gages.

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