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Vacuum calibration pump.

MECP500 Pneumatic Pressure Pump. Pneumatic Hand Pump for Calibration Vacuum to 600 PSI.
The Pneumatic Hand Pump is designed to be a simple to use pressure and vacuum source for calibrating
process control instrumentation.
Combined with one of our pressure calibrators, the pump makes a complete Pneumatic and Vacuum
Calibration System for low pressure applications.
This vacuum pump provides a source of air pressure 0-600 psi or vacuum, 0-28" Hg.

Pressure Vacuum Calibration Pump

Model  Description 
MECP500  MECP500 Pump - High Pressure and Vacuum,
-12 to 600 PSI (-0.8 to 40 bar) (-80 kPa to 4 MPa)
MECP500 Kit  MECP500 Kit - High Pressure & Vacuum Pump
(-29 In Hg to 500 PSI) with one test hose and one ¼" FNPT port

The Pressure Hand Pump is a compact, lightweight, portable hand-operated pressure and vacuum pump.
When a digital calibrator is added the unit can be used to calibrate or check pressure measuring devices in
the field. No external power or high pressure bottles are required.
The pressure pump is completely assembled and ready to connect to the pressure device to be calibrated.
Calibration is quick and simple since the pump is taken directly to the pressure device.
This pressure pump provides a source of air pressure, 0-600 psi, or vacuum, 0-28" Hg.
The rugged and reliable design of these hand pumps and the fine adjustment controls added to their design
provides a low cost way to verify the performance of pressure instrumentation.
MECP500 Hand Pumps can be purchased independently, or in a kit including carrying case, NPT adapters,
seals, and hoses.
Pressure Calibrators and Pressure Gauges are also available.

 pressure vacuum pump kit.

The Pressure Pump Kit includes:

MECP500 Vacuum Pressure Pump
Hard Sided Carrying Case (2)
Quick Disconnect Fittings
User Manual and Teflon Tape
Calibration Hose

Pump Specification:

Hand Pump Pressure: 600PSI
Rated Vacuum: –12.00PSI (–.85 BAR) Max.
Wetted Materials: Aluminum, Silicon, Neoprene, Stainless Steel, Buna-N
Note 1: Does not include temperature effects
Inlet fitting: 1/4" female NPT (top)
Outlet fitting: 1/8" female NPT (side).

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