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Pressure sensor

250 01 900 femto PSVAD Vacuum sensor - switch. Pressure range 0 to -1 bar.
250 01 898 femto PSVAD Vacuum Pressure sensor and switch. Pressure range -1 to +1 bar.
250 01 899 femto PSVAD Vacuum Pressurer switch. Pressure range -1 to 10 bar
* more types on request  

The series „femto“ is designed as an electronic switch with state-of-the-art technology and best
price- performance ratio for usage in all kind of handling and many other industrial automation systems.

Pressure Vacuum Sensor

Model  Description 
250 01 900  femto Vacuum-Sensor / Switch, Teach-button, 0 to -1 bar
250 01 898  femto Vacuum pressure sensor - switch, -1 to +1 bar
250 01 899  femto Vacuum pressure-Sensor / Switch, -1 to +10 bar
The calibrated and temperture compensated sensor generates high-precision signals which are
processed by an integrated circuit and transformed to an open collector and an analog output signal.
The switchpoint with the corresponding hysteresis and switching logic can be adjusted by means of the
teach buttons.

The programming with the push buttons can be done with onstanding pressure and a manometer.
The sensor can be ordered with G-thread, NPTthread or flange-adapter.
Pressure Switch specification
Electrical data, characteristics 
Supply voltage  11-30 (reverse voltage protection) 
Current input  < 30 mA 
Transistor Output Signal  1 x PNP-T ransistor NO / NC programmable with
max. 250 mA switching current, overload protection
AnalogOutput Signal   1...5 V 
Linearity  ≤ 1% 
Response time  type 2.5 ms  
Hysteresis  adjustable 0-100% of selected operating point 
Repeat accuracy  ± 0.2% of the effective range 
Mechanical data, characteristics   
Housing  ABS-PC plastic 
Connections  nickel-plated brass 
Weight  approx. 20 g 
Electrical connection   M 8x1, 4-pole (M12x1 on request) 
Pressure port  1/8“ with M5 inside (optional NPT 1/8“) 
Operating environment conditions   
Acceptable Fluid  filtered, dry or oiled air and non-corrosive gases * 
Position  any 
Temperatures   Operation: -10°... +60°C
Storage: -20° - +85°C 
max. Overpressure  max. 5 bar / max. 16 bar (10bar-Version) ** 
EMC   according EU-directive 2004/108/EG *** 
Remarks  * port downwards when using oiled air
** overpressure not continously allowed
*** shielded cable recommended 
Accessories: cable connectors,
adaptor flange, fixing bracket 
Cable connector type  Order no. 
axial length 5 m PUR M8x1x0.25 mm   110 26 310 
radial length 5 m PUR M8x1x0.25 mm   110 26 300 
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