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DO9721 Radiance Meter, Photo radiometer.
DO9721 Data logger Photo Radiometer Thermometer which performs photometric, radiometric, PAR,
temperature measurements. Two inputs. Functions as data logger: 30.000 samples, REL,
Record, Q (integration), RS232C serial output. DO 9721 quantum photo radiometer illuminance,
radiance and thermometer data logger has been designed for measuring illuminance, irradiance,
luminance and temperature.

DO9721 Photo Radiometer.

Model  Description 
DO9721  Photo Radiometer Thermometer.
LP 9021 PHOT  Photometric probe for measuring the ILLUMINANCE.
LP 9021 RAD  Radiometric probe for measuring the IRRADIANCE.
LP 9021 PAR  Radiometric probe for measuring IRRADIANCE.
LP 9021 UVA  Radiometric probe for measuring IRRADIANCE.
LP 9021 UVB  Radiometric probe for measuring IRRADIANCE.
LP 9021 UVC  Radiometric probe for measuring IRRADIANCE.
LP 9021 LUM6  Probe for measuring LUMINANCE.
LP 9021 ERY  Radiometric probe for TOTAL EFFECTIVE IRRADIANCE.

The instrument has two inputs, A and B, and automatically recognizes the probes connected, whether they be illuminance, irradiance, luminance or temperature probes, and can display the difference between the two inputs. As the probes are interchangeable, it is possible to choose the most suitable combination for all applications without having to recalibrate the instrument. The DO 9721 is able to take illuminance measurements in lux and in fcd (foot-candle), irradiance measurements in W/m2 , in W/cm2 e in mol/m2 s, luminance measurements in cd/m2 and temperature measurements in C or F.

The instrument's Data Logger function enables it to store up to 30,000 readings.
The sampling period is variable from 1 second to 12 hours.
The data acquired may later be transferred to a Personal Computer or a printer by means of the opto-insulated serial line RS232C. For each value stored the date and time of acquisition are indicated; each acquisition block is ended with a report which provides the maximum, minimum and mean values.
With the Serial Output function it is possible to obtain the instantaneous values measured by the instrument at the output of the serial line RS232C, in order to send them to a printer or a computer.

Radiance Meter, Photo radiometer technical data.

Inputs / type of measurement 2: photometric / radiometric or temperature
Connector DIN 45326 8-pole
Measuring range
Photometric measurements 0...200.000 lux, 0...20.000 fcd, 0...2.000.000 cd/m2
Radiometric measurements 0...2000 W/m2, 0...200.000 W/cm2, 0...200.000 mol/m2s
Q energy depends on the active measurements unit
Integration time 19 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds
No. conversions per second 2
Working temperature -5...+50C
Working relative humidity 0...90% R.H. (no condensation)
Serial output RS232C 300...19200 baud (galvanically insulated)
Display Double LCD 12.5 mm
Functions Auto power off / Autorange / Hold / Record /Maximum / Minimum / Mean / Relative / A-B /Energy
Memory 512kB (FLASH) corr. to 30,000 measurements
Power supply 9Vdc alkaline battery Autonomy Approx. 30 hours (continuous duty)
Weight / dimensions 320 gr. / 215x73x38 mm

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