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QJ57E Resistance Kelvin Bridge.

The QJ57E Resistance Kelvin Bridge is a self-contained portable DC Kelvin Bridge for high precision
measurements of low resistance, conductivity and calibration of other instruments.
It is totally self-contained so is suitable for laboratory, workshop and onsite, in the field, applications.
The Portable Kelvin Bridge has a resistance range from 0.01μΩ to 1111.1Ω in seven ranges and an
accuracy of ± 0.03%.

QJ57E Resistance Bridge.

Model  Description 
QJ57E  QJ57E Kelvin Resistance Bridge.
Wheatstone Resistance Bridge specification 
Range  10-8Ω to 1111.1Ω 
Accuracy  Typically ± 0.03% 
Galvanometer  Built in 
Galvanometer sensitivity  better than 0.8mA/mm 
Power  Built in Dry cells 2x 1.5V, or external 
Dimensions  315 x 265 x 165 mm 
Weight  Approx. 6kg 
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