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Pneumatic Pressure Calibrator

DPI 320 / 325 High Pressure Pneumatic Calibrator.
Pressure range up to 3000 psi. The DPI Pressure Calibrator series of high pressure pneumatic calibrators are the latest additions to a comprehensive range of compact and rugged instruments.
These self-contained portable calibrators provide unparalleled accuracy and control performance.
A built-in gas cylinder provides source pressures up to 3000 psi, a precision pressure regulator and fine volume adjuster ensures optimum control and a digitally characterized sensor measures pressure to better than 0.025% of full scale.

High Pressure Pneumatic Calibrator

Model  Description 
DPI 320  High Pressure Pneumatic Calibrator. 
DPI 325  High Pressure Pneumatic Calibrator. 

Field and workshop operation. The DPI pressure calibrators are designed for use in the workshop, on the plant or out in the field. The large capacity gas cylinder ensures maximum productivity between refills.
In addition, the calibrators can be operated directly from an external pressure source connected to the charging port.

Dual channel display. The DPI are dual channel instruments able to display both the input and output values simultaneously. The calibrators are capable of providing current and voltage excitation to the unit under test (UUT) and can measure d.c. voltage, d.c. current and ambient temperature.
Electrical terminations are made by industry standard 4mm sockets and the large backlit display provides a clear readout of the process parameters.

Portable High Pressure Pneumatic calibrator specification.
Pressure Calibrator   
Available Pressure  35 bar / 500 psi
70 bar / 1000 psi
100 bar / 1500 psi
140 bar / 2000 psi
200 bar / 3000 psi
Combined non-linearity, hysteresis & repeatability  
Accuracy  0.025% FS 
Pressure Reference  Gauge or absolute 
Pressure Source  Built-in Nitrogen/Air cylinder,
(max refill pressure 3000psi).
Storage volume 122 cubic inches.
Capacity 14.0 cubic feet 
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