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Resistance Transfer Decade.

SR1030 Resistance transfer standard. Values 1Ω , 10Ω , 100Ω , 1 KΩ , 10 KΩ and 100 KΩ.
SR1030 Resistance transfer standards consist of 12 equal steps.
These steps are available in increments of 1 ohm (SR1030-1), 10 ohms (SR1030-10), 100 ohms
(SR1030-100), 1kohms (SR1030-1k), 10kohms (SR1030-10k) and 100kohms (SR1030-100k).
The Model SR1030 provides four-terminal connections for each step or for series and parallel combinations
of these resistance steps using the optional Series-Parallel (SPC102), Parallel Compensation Networks
(PC101) and shorting bars (SB103).
This improves power dissipation, stability and errors due to variance in temperature.
The SR1010 and SR1030 are used for the same applications and are alike in configuration.
The SR1030 differs from the SR1010 in that it is specially sealed, and values below 100KΩ are filled with
oil to improve changes due to thermal variations.

SR1030 Resistance transfer standard.

Model  Description 
SR1030-1 Resistance transfer standard. Values 1Ω.
SR1030-10 Resistance transfer standard. Values 10Ω. 
SR1030-100 Resistance transfer standard. Values 100Ω. 
SR1030-1k Resistance transfer standard. Values 1 KΩ. 
SR1030-10k Resistance transfer standard. Values 10 KΩ. 
SR1030-100k Resistance transfer standard. Values 100 KΩ. 

Initial Accuracy... ± 20PPM of nominal value matched within 10PPM.
Transfer Accuracy... ± (1PPM + 0.1µΩ at parallel value) for 100:1.
Transfer Accuracy... ± (1PPM + 0.1µΩ at series parallel value) for 10:1.
Long Term Accuracy:
For 6 months ± 20PPM of nominal value.
For 2 years ± 35PPM of nominal value.
For 5 years ± 50PPM of nominal value.
Calibration Accuracy... ± 10PPM NIST traceable.
1 year warranty

Calibration of Working Standards and Precision Resistance Measuring Systems
Reference Voltage Divider.
Used to transfer NIST traceability to different values of Resistance.


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