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SR104 Primary Resistance Standard.

SR104 Primary Resistance Standard is a highly stable and accurate (1ppm), 100000 ohm, resistance
SR104 Resistance Standards are equipped for five-terminal measurements used for Standard Resistor
readings and for Temperature Sensor readings. Calibration data, which identifies the Standard Deviation,
and the Temperature Characteristics is supplied with each unit. In addition, each unit is equipped with a
thermal well so that the exact temperature of the resistance standard is known.
This allows the user to make highly precise, temperature compensated, measurements.

SR104 Primary Resistance Standard

Model  Description 
SR104 SR104 10Kohm Primary Resistance Standard

Highest accuracy and stability.
Lowest temperature coefficients.
Stability ±1 ppm/year the first 2 years; ±0.5ppm/year thereafter.
Initial Value SR104, SR104/DC ±1 ppm

Stability: First 2 years: ±1 ppm/year, thereafter: ±0.5 ppm/year.
Temperature coefficient:  Alpha: <0.1 ppm/° C at 23°C.
Beta (1/2 rate of TC change):<0.03 ppm/°C from 18°C to 28°Ct.
No ovens or external power required .
Power coefficient: <1 ppm/W.
Adjustment to nominal ±1 ppm.
Measurement uncertainty <0.32 ppm.
Max voltage 500 V peak to case.
Power rating: 1 W (Momentary 100 W overloads will not cause failure).
Thermal emf Thermal emf at the terminals does not exceed ±0.1 µV under normal conditions.
Insulation resistance: All terminals maintain a minimum 1012 Ω to ground.
Internal temperature sensor: 100 Ω, 1 kΩ, or 10 kΩ resistor with 1,000 ppm/°C temperature coefficient.
IIntegral thermometer well is provided for calibration.
Hermetic sealing.
To eliminate the effects of humidity, the resistor is hermetically sealed in oil with metal-to-glass seals. The resistance changes<±0.1 ppm with normal atmospheric pressure and humidity changes.

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