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Resistance Switching Transfer.

SR1050 High Resistance Switching transfer standard. Standard Values 1 and 10MΩ/step.
SR1050 High Resistance Switching transfer standards consist of 11 equal steps.
These steps are available in increments of 1Mohm, (SR1050-1M) and 10Mohms, (SR1050-10M).
The Model SR1050 provides a three terminal connection for each step or for a series of resistance steps.
Specially designed lever switches separate each resistor from the others.
This allows the standard to be configured in series, parallel, series-parallel, or separately without the use
of external shorting bars.

SR1050 High-Resistance Transfer Standard.

Model  Description 
SR1050-1M High-Resistance Transfer Standard. Steps 1Mohm.
SR1050-10M High-Resistance Transfer Standard. Steps 10Mohm.

Transfer Accuracy... Limited only by short-term repeatability of resistance values. Typical repeatability ±2 PPM
Initial Accuracy...
±25 PPM of nominal value, matched within 10 ppm, for 1 MΩ
±30 PPM of nominal value, matched within 10 ppm, for 10 MΩ
Long Term Accuracy... ± 50PPM of nominal value.
Calibration Accuracy... ± 10PPMfor 1 MΩ; 15PPM for 10 MΩ
1 year warranty

Calibration of Working Standards and Precision Resistance Measuring Systems
Reference Voltage Divider.
Used to transfer NIST traceability to different values of Resistance.


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