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NAVAIR Resistance Standard.

The SRX1 Series are extremely stable, precise, laboratory or portable resistance standards.

The SRX1 Series resistance standards are ideal for any applications inside or outside of a laboratory
environment within the temperature range of 18° C to 28° C.
They are rugged and small, and they have virtually zero temperature coefficient. Each unit has a temperature
chart showing its accuracy range in 0.5° C increments.
The unit requires no oil or air bath because of the low temperature coefficient.

NAVAIR Resistance Standard.

Model  Description 
SRX1 SRX1 Series NAVAIR Resistance Standard

Test Conditions: Four-terminal Kelvin measurements, low power, at 23°C; two-terminal for 1 MΩ.
Initial calibration data, traceable to SI, is provided.
Terminals: The binding posts are tellurium copper for low thermal emf and low resistance.
A case ground terminal is also provided. 100 kΩ and under: Four 5-way binding posts for 4-terminal measurement.1 MΩ and over: Two 5-way binding posts for 2-terminal measurement.
Operating Conditions: 18-28°C; <80% RH.
Maximum Applied Power: As indicated in table for Max. Voltage above. Negligible change in resistance
vvalue will result from applying voltages up to the maximum voltage as indicated in the table above. Application of up to 5 W is allowed; change in resistance value from the max voltage up to a total of 5 W will be <300 ppm.
Change Resulting from Power Cycling: Value of the standard will remain within specifications after unlimited applications of power cycles of up to 5 W.
Resistance Change with Temperature: Outside the range of +18°C to +28°C, the Standard Resistors shall not change more than 3 ppm from their reported calibration value.
Change Resulting from Temperature Cycling: The standard resistors shall have a temperature cycling change of 2 ppm or less for a cycle from 23° to 0°C to 23°C and for a temperature cycle from 23°C to 40°C to 23°C.
Non-Operating Storage Conditions: 18-28°C; RH not controlled.
Dimensions: 8.6 cm H x 10.2 cm W x 12.7 cm D (3.4" x 4.0" x 5"). Weight: 1 lb, nominal

NAVAIR Resistance Standard Specifications.
Model SRX1-  Nominal Value
Adjustment to Nominal
Stability 1 year
Max Voltage
1 1 <20 <10  <0.32 
10 10 <20  <10  <1 
100 100 <15  <7  <2 
1k 1k <10  <7  <10 
10k 10k <15  <5  <30 
100k 100k <15  <7  <100 
1M 1M <22  <10  <100 
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