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DT-329 Linear Stroboscope.

DT-329 Linear Stroboscope.
The DT-329 LED Linear Stroboscope is AC powered precision instrument used to illuminate wide spot
and measure the rotational speeds of objects with a certain speed and a constant period.
By illuminating the rotating object with the DT-329, the moving object appears to remain still when the
flashing rate of the DT-329 is equals the rotational speed of the target object.
This allows inspection of rotating and moving parts, printed matter, labels, gears, shafts and others.
Additionally, the target object can appear to rotate back or forth (frequency) by utilizing the phase shift function.

Linear Stroboscope.

Model  Description 
DT-329  Linear Stroboscope.
Linear Stroboscope Specification
Model  DT-329 
Measuring Range  1 - 2,000Hz
60 - 120,000 FPM 
Accuracy  ±0.02% (at 73° F [23° C]) 
Flashing time (Duty)  0.1° - 2.5° /360° setting can be changed by 0.1° increments
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