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Phasing voltmeter

50101-G-14 Voltage Sensor/Phasing Meter 0-69kV.
This portable meter has a single range of 0-69kV. The unit is lightweight and easy to use.
The Model 50101-G-14 Phasing Voltmeter Voltage Sensor comes complete in a foam-lined carrying case,
with a shepherds hook, probe tip, and a set of hot sticks that extend 8 feet for each probe.

Phasing Voltmeter Voltage Sensor.

Model  Description 
50101-G-14  Voltage Sensor/Phasing Meter 0-69kV
50101-G-15  Voltage Sensor/Phasing Meter 0-69kV w/Hot Sticks

This meter can be used for voltage detection and phasing on overhead lines.
The probes can be separated to be used as a voltage sensor, making this two units in one.
This saves you both time and money. A three position selector switch mounted on the back of the meter
housing is used to select voltage sensing on direct line, phasing on direct line, or a battery test.

The 50101-G-14 Phasing Voltmeter Voltage Sensor is constructed so that there are no exposed
conducting terminals or meter circuitry.
The locking cable connector provides positive contact and is totally enclosed electrically.
The scale is large enough to be easily read 8 - 10 feet away when mounted on a suitable hot stick.
Each Phasing Voltmeter Voltage Sensor model comes with a coiled cable on its own holder to make
it easy to use at whatever length of cable needed. It can be customized to extend to any length
requested, but normally comes with a cable that extends 20 feet, so there is no need to have an
additional cable as with other models. We made the color of the probes white to distinguish this unit
as a higher voltage unit and so the using can plainly see when the probes need to be cleaned.
This will help you, the user, to provide a safer environment when testing.

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