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470 Contact Non Contact Tachometer RPM IR Measurement

The 470 Non-contact and mechanical rpm tachometer has the ideal combination of optical
and mechanical rpm measurement.
470 tachometer reflectors are attached to the object being measured during optical measurement.
The visible, red modulated tachometers light beam is directed on the reflector.
An optical becomes a mechanical measurement by simply attaching an adapter and cone or running wheel.

470 Laser Non-Contact Tachometer

Model  Description 
0563 0470  470 Dual Function Tachometer 
0554 0493  Reflective tapes for tachometer, 5 pcs 

Convenient and easy measurement of rpm, speed and length in industry.
Rpm measurement in a reduced dc. motor
Mechanical rpm measurement on a roller eg printing machine
Measured Speed in a conveyor belt in a production company
Speed and length measurement on hoisting winches

470 Tachometer
Sensor  Optical with modulated light beam mechanically with adapter
and cone or running wheel 
Measuring ranges   
Rpm  1 to 99,999 min optically (rpm)
1to 19,999 min mechanically (rpm)
Speed  0.10 to 1,999 m/min
0.30 to 6,500 ft/min
4 to 78,000 in/min  
Lengths  0.02 to 99,999m
0.01 to 99,999ft
1 to 99,999in 
Accuracy  ± 0.02% of measure value
(± 1 digit/0/02 m/1.00inch depending on resolution) 
Working temperature  0 to 50° C 
Storage temperature  –20 to +70° C 
Battery  2 x 1.5VAA 
Auto off  30 seconds (mean/max/last measured values are saved) 
Dimensions  175 x 60 x 28mm (without cone or running wheel) 
Weight  190 g 
Warranty  1 year 
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