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RTR-50 Wireless Data Collector

RTR-50 Wireless Data Collector for the RTR-51, RTR-52, RTR-52Pt, RTR-53 and RVR-52A.
The RTR-50 is Data Collector for the RTR-5x series of wireless Data Loggers.
The Wireless Communication Port RTR-50 is a base unit designed to carry out wireless communication with
our compact waterproof Wireless Data Loggers, RTR-5 Series (RTR-51/52/53/RVR-52A) and to be connected
to a computer via a USB or serial communication cable to gather data from and control the loggers.
Also, by setting up an RTR-50 between the RTR-50 designated as the Base Unit and the RTR-5 Series Remote Data Logger unit, you can use any RTR-50 as a Relay Unit for wireless communication.

Wireless Data Collector

Model  Description 
RTR-50   Wireless Data Logger collector
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