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RTR-57U Data Collector

Our RTR-51, RTR-52, RTR-53 and RVR-52 data logger units utilize the RTR-57U to collect recorded temperature data from the units via our exclusive short-wave wireless technology.
The RTR-57U Data Collector also allows you to wirelessly control recording settings and start recording,
as well as other functions of the data loggers.
Moreover, the data loggers can wirelessly transmit measurements in the wide range of -30° C to 80° C from distances of up to 100 meters if unobstructed and direct.
Note : If collecting data via wireless communication, it is necessary to set up via computer the RTR-51,52, 53 and RVR-52 as Remote Units and the RTR-57U as the Base Unit. The data recorded by the Remote Units can be downloaded via optical communication by placing it on the RTR-57C communication port.

RTR-57U Data Collector

Model  Description 
RTR-57U   Data Collector for wireless data logger.

User Friendly Operation Dial.
Our easy to hold operation dial makes menu selection and operation a snap. By simply moving the dial up and down you can scan the menu and easily make a selection by pressing in on the dial.
USB Interface to PC
The RTR-57U connects to a PC through a standard USB interface. Simply plug the RTR-57U into any USB port on your computer.
Data Capacity: 256,000 Readings.
The data capacity for the RTR-57C is 256,000 readings. That is a large enough capacity to collect data from 16 units of RTR-51,52,53 or RVR-52 at full capacity (16,000readings). Moreover, it can collect and manage up to 250 separate data recording sessions.
Over 100 Hours on 2 Alkaline Batteries, Energy Saving Auto Power Off Function
The RTR-57U takes advantage of our exclusive circuitry design to bring over 100 operating hours worth of power on only 2 AAA alkaline batteries. Energy efficiency is further enhanced with our Auto Power Off Function that turns off the main unit when not in use.
Easy-to-Read LCD Graph Display.
The RTR-57U gives you a high quality graph display of collected data. Each graph displays the data for one channel and can be easily scrolled across by using the handy operation dial or the buttons on the front of the main unit. This function gives you the data you want in an easy-to-understand format.
Monitor Measurements while Downloading.
By making upper and lower limit settings on the RTR-57U you can monitor the recorded data as it is collected for irregularities and the results will be displayed. If any RTR-51,52,53 or RVR-52 unit has already been set with its own upper and / or lower limit, those values will take precedence over the values set in the RTR-57U.
Manage Recording Settings No Computer Necessary.
Besides controlling the collection of data, the RTR-57U can manage various recording settings such as: Recording Mode, Recording Interval, Programmed Recording Settings and Immediate Record.
This enables the user to easily control various recording settings for a variety of models on-site without the need for a computer.

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