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RTR-50 Data collector

RTR-50 Wireless Data Collector for the RTR-51, RTR-52, RTR-52Pt, RTR-53 and RVR-52A.
Access each RTR-5W and all of its attendant data loggers from any PC on the network using a standard web browser. Through the browser you can configure logger start, stop and recording parameters, monitor current values, view a graph of most recently recorded data, and download logged data on demand.
The RTR-5W incorporates an http server allowing for access to data and delivery through the internet, as well as viewing of current values on a cell phone.

Wireless Data Collector

Model  Description 
RTR-50   Wireless Data Collector LAN for Data Loggers.

Each RTR-5W can register up to 3,840 loggers that can be arranged in up to 60 groups.
Multiple RTR-5W data collectors can be installed on the same network so that there is virtually no upper
limit to the system that can be implemented.
Data collectors can be connected through the standard 10 base-t wired Ethernet connector, or through an
802.11b connection with the use of an optional CF wireless LAN adapter card, in any combination.

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