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Voltage data logger

RVR-52A Voltage, Pulse, Event Data Logger can measure and record input voltage from 0 to 6.5V.
RVR-52AL Voltage, Pulse, Event Data Logger can measure and record input voltage from 0 to 6.5V.
Large Capacity Battery Type.
You can choose to record the voltage measurement as the instantaneous value for the each recording interval span or as the average value for each recording interval span.
The average value for recording intervals under 15 seconds will be calculated as the average of the measurements from every 1 second.
The average for intervals over 20 seconds will be calculated as the average of the measurements from
every 2 seconds.

Pulse, Event Data Logger

Model  Description 
RVR-52A   Voltage, Pulse, Event Data Logger
RVR-52AL   Voltage, Pulse, Event Data Logger with large battery

Pulse Measurement: 30 Counts per Second.
RVR-52A Data Logger can measure up to 30 counts (30Hz) per second when the input voltage range is between 0-30V and there is a continuous pulse of more than 15 seconds. When measuring pulse, the largest number of counts for one recording interval is 32,000 counts. You can select from rising signal (Lo-Hi) or falling signal (Hi-Lo) and count when one or the other occurs.
Event Time Recording.
RVR-52A Data Logger can record the time of any event; a rising (Lo to Hi) or falling (Hi to Lo) waveform that occurs for more than 1 second at an input voltage range of between 0-30V.

Data Logger specifications
Measurement Channel 1Voltage/
Soil Moisture Channel
1Pulse Channel 1Event Channel
Input Voltage Range Vo: 0 to 6.5V Pu: 0 to 30V Ev: 0 to 30V
Measurement Display Resolution Vo: 1mV Ev: 1sec
Measurement Accuracy Vo: ±0.5% ±5dgt
(at 0 to 40°C)
Measurement Accuracy Vo: ±0.5% ±5dgt
(at 0 to 40°C)
Detection Voltage Lo: below 0.6V / Hi:
above 2V
Response Time Pu:30Hz /
or more (over 2.5V)
Ev: 1 sec.
Response Polarity Pu: select
Lo-Hi or Hi-Lo
Ev: Both
Lo -Hi and Hi-Lo
Highest No. of Counts   Pu: 32,000Counts  
Input Impedance Pull-up Resistor Approx.100kΩ
Recording Capacity Vo: 16,000
Readings x 1
Readings x 1
Ev: 8,000
Readingsx 1
Recording Interval 1,2,5,10,15,20,30 seconds / 1,2,5,10,15,20,30,60 minutes
Total of 15 choices (Excluding Event data)
Recording Mode Endless (Overwrite oldest data when capacity is full) /
One-time (Stop recording when capacity is full)
LCD Display Items Current Readings / Recording Settings / Battery Life Warning /
Over Measurement Range Warning / Amount of Recorded Data
Power Lithium Battery (LS14250(SAFT)) x 1 or AC Adaptor (sold separately) *2
Battery Life*3 Approximately 6 months
Wireless Method FCC Part 15 Section 249 / IC RSS-210
Transmission Range Approximately 100m (May vary with conditions)
Dimensions H62mm x W 47mm x D19mm (excluding protrusions /
antenna length 20mm)
Interface Wireless Communication / Optical Communication
Communication Speed When downloading data (Wireless) about 2,000 readings per minute
[Collection of a full unit of data= about 420 seconds
(optical communication= about 160 seconds)]
Water Resistance *4 IP64 (rated for use in daily life)
Standard Sensor / Input Cable RPR-7101 (length: Approx. 1.5m) x 1
Unit Temp. Resistance -40 to 80°C
Others The RVR-52A includes an internal pre-heat function which sends signals to turn ON / OFF external sensors, time with the starting of recording.
*1 When measuring and recording using Fahrenheit, although it is possible to measure between -327.8 and 1112 degrees, the LCD on the Logger can only show between -199.9 and 999.9 degrees.
*2 Contact Hotek Technologies.
*3 Battery life depends on measurement environment, recording interval
and battery performance.
*4 Water protection is rated as splashproof (IP64) when the sensor is connected. Not for continued immersion.
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