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Network connected data logger.

WDR-3 is a Network connected data logger that records output voltage and point of contact (On/Off) signals from various types of sensors and measuring devices.
Its network connection allows the user to download the measurements and data. Email notifications, Alarms and upper/lower limit settings are available. With its built-in web server, settings can be configured, current measurements viewed and downloaded all with an internet browser.

WDR-3 data logger

Model  Description 
WDR-3  WDR-3 Network connected data logger.
WDR-3 Data Logger specifications
Measurement Items
Analog Voltage, ON/OFF Signal
Number of Channels
2 channels for Analog Signal,
2 channels for ON/OFF Signal for total of 4 channels
Analog Signal Input Number of Input Channels:
2 Channels for Analog Signal (Common Ground)
Signal Input: Voltage Input
Input voltage Range:0 to 5V (Input Resistance: 1MΩ)
Measurement Resolution: 4.88mV (10bit)
Measurement Cycle: 1min (average of 6 samplings - 10 seconds)

Recording Method: Instantaneous Value Recording Method:
Data Measurement for each Recording Interval

Average Value Recording Method:
Average of Data Measurements for Recording Interval
Recording Interval: Six intervals to select from: 10,20,30,40,50 60 minutes
Recording Capacity: 2,880 Readings -2 channels
Recording Mode:
Endless Mode (Overwrite oldest data when capacity is full) Monitoring Function: A warning can be issued when a measurement exceeds a set upper or lower limit for each channel during the set monitoring interval.
ON/OFF Signal Input Measurement Channels:
2 Channels for On / Off Signal (Common Ground)
Input Signal: Voltage Input, Contact Input
Input voltage Range: 0 to 15V
Lo (on) Detection Voltage: 1V or below
Hi (off) Detection Voltage: 3V or above
OFF Detection Time: 50ms or above
ON Detection Time: 50ms or above
Pull up: 5V 4.7k

Recording Method
Pulse Recording Method : Records the number of pulses during the set recording interval
(number of rising signals)
Polarity Change Recording Method: Records the time when a rising/falling signal occurs Recording Interval
Pulse Number Recording Method: Six intervals to select from: 10,20,30,40,50 60 minutes

Polarity Change Recording Method: Measurement occurs every second without regard to recording interval and the date and time of any change
is recorded.
Recording Capacity:
Pulse Number: 2880 readings
Polarity Change: 760 readings
Recording Mode: Endless Mode (Overwrite oldest data when capacity is full) Monitoring Function: Make monitoring time settings and upper / lower limit settings for the number of pulse signal changes for each channel, when those limit settings are exceeded, a warning notice is sent. It is also possible to make condition settings for signals, and when changes occur outside those conditions during the monitoring period, a warning is sent.
AC Adaptor
External Contact Output (Warning Output) Contact Output via Photo Relay When operating the warning function
OFF-State Voltage: AC/DC 50V or below
ON-State Current: 0.1A or below
ON-State Resistance: MAX 35Ω
Type of Communication
Wired LAN (100/10BASE-T) / Wireless LAN (CF card*)
Operating Environment
Temperature: 0 to 50˚C / Humidity: 20 to 80%RH (No condensation)
H83 X W102 X D28mm
Weight of Main Unit
About 125g
Accessories included in package
Software Set
AC Adaptor (AD-0605 or AD-0607) -1
LAN Cable (LN-20W) -1
Introductory Guide (including Warranty)  - 1
*Currently the only Wireless LAN card that has been tested and proven compatible with the WDR-3 is the Dark Marketing Corporations Wireless LAN card "XI-815. For details, contact your local representative or dealer.
*The WDR-3 is designed solely for network communication. It does not include any RS-232 or USB communication interface. To use this product, please make sure to connect it to a network. Moreover, in order to use this product via the Internet, the user will need other devices, such as a router, and must first make necessary arrangements such as establishing an account with an Internet Service Provider for a line and obtaining a fixed IP address, domain, etc.
*When making settings in a WDR-3 without any settings already made (when purchased or after resetting), it is necessary to carry out these settings using a wired LAN connection. After having made all the necessary settings via the wired connection, it is possible to use a wireless LAN connection.
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