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240 Conductivity Temperature Meter

240 Conductivity Temperature Meter.
Conductivity and temperature measurements with one instrument.
Measures conductivity and temperature.
The Testo 240 is a complete conductivity measuring instrument as well as an accurate thermometer.

Conductivity Temperature Meter

Model  Description 
240  Conductivity Temperature Meter

Conductivity probes for every application:
The 4 pole electrode technology used in conjunction with the Testo 240 prevents the formation of physical
coatings which distort the measured values -- for example sewage.
The low cost universal measuring cell type 07 mS with stainless steel electrodes is ideal for applications up
to 200 mS/cm for which the highest level of accuracy is required.
The stable, accurate, type 10 mS measuring cell with electrodes made of highly-resistant special graphite,
fulfils the most demanding levels of accuracy during measurements of up to 300 mS/cm

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