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Flue Gas Leak Detector.

317-1 Flue Gas Leak Detector, Analyzer.
Electronic Dew Mirror For The Detection Of Leaking Flue Gases.
The electronic dew mirror quickly and efficiently detects escaping heating flue gases.
Depending on the type of gas burner, flue gases may escape as a result of dirt or restrictions in the flue gas
paths caused by e.g. wear in the nozzles, under loading or overloading of burner, material fatigue.
There must be a functional fault if gas escapes from the burner and the presence of CO must be assumed.

Flue Gas Leak Detector

Model  Description 
317-1  317-1 Flue Leak Detector
317-2  317-2 Gas Leak Stick
317-3  317-3 Ambient CO Stick
Meter specifications
Dimensions 128 x 46 x 18mm
Reaction Time <2 seconds
Storage/Transport Temperature -20 to +50°C
Operating Temperature +4 to +45°C
Power Supply 3 x 1.5 V Micro AA
Alarm Display Optical and audible
Warranty 1 year

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