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350 Flue Gas Emission Analyzer

350 Flue Gas Emission Analyzer.
The Testo 350 flue gas analyzer is a flexible, portable measuring system which fulfils a wide range of requirements.
For this reason, the analyzer can be used to: Adjust all types of industrial burners Measure concentrations in
crude and clean gas over a longer period of time Check the atmosphere of all types of process furnace
Maintain stationary motors such as block-type thermal power stations Check gas pressures and gas
velocities in flue gas and also in additional air ducts

350 Flue Gas Emission Analyzer

Model  Description 
350  350 Flue Gas Emission Analyzer

The 350XL consists of a control unit, analysis box and a flue gas probe. O2, CO, NO (option) NO2, SO2, CxHy
and H2S (options), temperature and differential pressure as well as the usual calculated values CO2 etc.
The detachable control unit can also be used as a separate analyzer for temperature, velocity, differential
pressure, relative humidity etc. The readings can be printed on the integrated printer.
A complete Pelter gas preparation unit for controlled condensate disposal is built into the analysis box.

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