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556-1 System analyzer

556-1 Refrigeration system analyzer.
testo 556-1, electronic refrigeration system analyzer, brass connections, calibration protocol and batteries included. The refrigeration system analyzer incl. 4-way valve block calculates the superheating and subcooling of a refrigeration system or heat pump using externally connected probes.
The flow paths of a system can temporarily be changed with the 4-way valve block.
Convenient data management on a PC with the software "EasyKool" Pressure media: CFC, HFC,
N, H2O, CO2.

testo 556-1 System analyzer

Model  Description 
556-1  Electronic refrigeration system analyzer, brass connections.

Further functions:
- Current measurement
- Differential pressure measurement
-Stock management of refrigerants when filling and evacuating refrigeration systems
30 refrigerants are stored in the instrument - 4-way valve block with sight glass - 4 temperature probe connections - 60,000 readings can be stored use of software EasyKool (optional)

Meter specifications
Operating temperature 32 to +122 ° F
Battery type 4 Type AA batteries
Battery life 40 h
Probe type Pt100
Meas. range -20 to +200 ° C
Resolution 0.1 ° C
Probe type Low pressure probe
Meas. Range 25 bar
Resolution 0.1 bar
Probe type High pressure probe
Meas. Range 50 bar
Accuracy 0.1 bar
Resolution 100 bar

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