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Refrigeration system analyzer

560-1 Refrigeration system analyzer with vacuum sensor.
testo 560-1, electronic refrigeration system analyzer with vacuum sensor, brass connections, calibration protocol and batteries included.
The refrigeration system analyzer for all applications on refrigeration systems and heat pumps.
The measuring instrument with high-quality sensors for measuring pressure, vacuum and temperature.
Incl. valve battery for temporarily changing the flow paths in the system.
A convenient PC software supports data management: data overviews of all measurements, displays in table and graphic form, automatic transfer of company, fitter, customer and system data.
Pressure media: CFC, HFC, N, H2O, CO2

560-1 Refrigeration analyzer.

Model  Description 
560-1  Refrigeration system analyzer with vacuum sensor.

Further functions:
- Current measurement
- Differential pressure measurement
-Stock management of refrigerants when filling and evacuating refrigeration systems
30 refrigerants are stored in the instrument
Additionally to testo 523 and 556:
- Vacuum sensor/evacuation
- The sensor measures the absolute pressure and displays
the corresponding evaporation temperature of water.
- The vacuum cell is protected from high pressures by a special valve.

Meter specifications
Operating temperature 32 to +122 ° F
Battery type 4 Type AA batteries
Battery life 40 h
Probe type Pt100
Meas. range -20 to +200 ° C
Accuracy Class B ± (0,3 +0,005 tl) 
Resolution 0.1 ° C
Probe type Low pressure probe
Meas. Range 25 bar
Resolution 0.1 bar
Probe type High pressure probe
Meas. Range 50 bar
Accuracy 0.1 bar
Resolution 100 bar

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