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Miniature Thermo hygrometer with duct holder.

605-H1 Miniature Thermo hygrometer.
The Testo 605-H1 is a ultra low cost Temperature and humidity instrument with humidity range 5 to 95 % RH using the Testo patented humidity sensor. The temperature range is -20 to 70 °C.
Testo 605-H1, the humidity stick you can bend. Small, compact and accurate.
The long-term stable sensor guarantees correct measured results even after years of use.
Calculates dew-point, Sensor not affected by water, Auto OFF function

605-H1 Hygrometer.

Model  Description 
0560 6053  605-H1 Humidity Stick with dew point
0560 6054  605-H2 Humidity Stick with wet bulb
Storage temperature  -4 to +158 °F 
Probe Type NTC    
Meas. Range  32 to +122 °F 
Accuracy  ±0.5 °F
Resolution   1.8 °F 
Probe type humid. sensor, cap.   
Meas. Range  5 to +95 %RH 
Accuracy  ±3 %RH 
Resolution  0.1 %RH 
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