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Dew Point Monitoring in Compressed Air

6741 Dew Point Transmitter (G1/2 ).
6742 Dew Point Transmitter (1/2 NPT).
6743 Dew Point Transmitter (with display; G1/2).
6744 Dew Point Transmitter (with display; 1/2 NPT)
RH range -60 to 30°C td
Dew point range –76 to 86°F (–60 to 30°C)
Output 4 to 20 mA 
Pressure resistance: Up to 50 bar absolute

Dew point compress air transmitter

Model  Description 
6741  Dew Point Transmitter (G1/2 ).
6742  Dew Point Transmitter (1/2 NPT).
6743  Dew Point Transmitter (with display; G1/2).
6744  Dew Point Transmitter (with display; 1/2 NPT)

Transmitters are powered by 24 VDC and have an output of 4 to 20 mA.
The capacitive sensor is accurate, rugged, and offers long-term stability with temperature resistance.
The IP65 rated housing protects the unit from dust, sprays, and electromagnetic interference.
A unique rotating body allows optimal positioning, while the three-button keypad makes setup and adjustments fast and easy. These units can be programmed directly via a computer.
The process connection is G 1/2" stainless steel screw-in thread or 1/2" NPT that easily threads into existing
sample ports.
Select from two styles of transmitters with or without a display— for your demanding applications.

Customised combinations:
Every measuring point can be optimally configured. With or without a display, with European G 1/2 thread or
American NPT 1/2” thread. With or without limit signal output. Directly assembled, with measurement chamber or with cooling coil. All combinations are possible, ensuring your needs are met optimally.

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