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Testo Thermal Imager Camera.

Testo 880-1 The starter instrument for fast fault-finding and quality assurance.
testo 880-2 The professional thermal imager with extensive analysis functions, extendable by telephoto lens.
testo 880-3 The expert's thermal imager for the complete analysis and real image documentation of buildings, electrical systems and machines.
testo 880-4 Pro-Set The expert's thermal imager with unbeatable price advantage testo 880, with an integrated digital camera and image-in-image function, links real and IR images for fast, safe and easy documentation.
An exchangeable protective glass prevents damage to the valuable optics.
The easy creation of file structures reduces to a minimum the administrative effort for the planning and management of the images, measurement sites and tours.

 Thermal imager
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Testo Thermal Imager

Model  Description 
880-1  Imager for fast fault-finding and quality assurance
880-2  Professional thermal imager with extensive analysis functions
880-3  Thermal imager - complete analysis and real image documentation
880-4  Pro-Set The expert's thermal imager

The testo 880 delivers high definition images which satisfy even the most demanding user.
A wide angle and a telephoto lens enable adaptation to the different sizes and distances of measurement objects.
The optimum exploitation of the IR radiation is guaranteed by the high-quality germanium optics.

The use of portable infrared measuring instruments offers great potential for assistance in many areas.
Thermal imagers are of great significance in preventive service and maintenance, but also in building and production monitoring, as well as in technical diagnostics.
A thermal imager detects anomalies, thus making the search for errors and the early implementation of correctional measures possible. It checks materials and components completely without any damage and exposes problem zones before a malfunction can occur. While other methods require production to be halted, or pipe systems to be dismantled, with the testo 880 a single glance is sufficient.

The testo 880, the only thermal imager equipped with a wireless probe for real-time humidity measurement, delivers data with which dangerous, allergenic mould growth can be prevented, or the risk of mould contamination minimized, even in the corners and niches of a house.

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