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Resistance Decade.

4720 High Voltage Resistance Decade Box. High Voltage Resistor.
Designed for the checking and calibration of insulation testers at voltages of up to 5000V DC, the Model 4720 decade box provides up to 9 decades of resolution.
The total range covered is from 1 kΩ to 611,111,110kΩ using specially selected resistors and high quality switches mounted on an easy to read panel. This resistance box is housed in a strong reinforced polystyrene case with lid and carrying handle to provide an ideal solution to on-site and laboratory calibration of high resistance insulation testers.

High Voltage Resistance Decade

Model  Description 
4720 Resistance Decade 9 DECADES 1 Kohm TO 611 Gohm
4720.1 Resistance Decade 3 DECADES 1 Gohm TO 611 Gohm
4720.2 Resistance Decade 6 DECADES 1 Kohm TO 1111 Mohm
4720.3 Resistance Decade 6 DECADES 1 Mohm TO 611 Gohm
4720.4 Resistance Decade 9 DECADES 1 Kohm TO 1 Tohm

Calibration of insulation tester
Range 1kΩ to 611GΩ
Resolution 1kΩ
Voltage rating 5,000V DC 9 decades
Portable field or laboratory use.

The instrument can be supplied complete with a calibration certificate provided by our own in-house calibration laboratory.

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