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5885 RTD and Thermocouples thermometer.

5885 Precision Digital Thermometer.
The 5885 Thermometer Series is by any standard, an impressive range of precision Digital Thermometers.
All models in the series have the same accuracy of 0.01°C and resolution of 0.001°C with options and features available to suit most applications and budgets. 

5885 Bench Thermometer

Model  Description 
5885  Precision Bench Thermometer.

Accuracy 0.01 °C
Resolution 0.001 °C
3 Models and many options
Linearized for 10 thermocouple and 5 PRT types
Displays temperature readings plus mV / Ohmic values
Memory stores up to 4000 readings
Automatic current reversal for RTD measurements
Half power measurement for RTD's to assess self heating effect

Entry of probe calibration data for enhanced accuracy 2 channel measurement
A, B, A-B, plus Math functions.
Digital calibration with pass code entry, RTD & Thermocouple Inputs, RS232 / IEEE-488 Interface options, Mains / rechargeable battery operation with built in charger
All three instruments have 2 Channel inputs and will display A, B or A-B on a large, backlit,
LCD graphics display.
The most commonly used functions are selected with dedicated front panel keys and the enhanced features by easy-to-use menus.
To ensure that the very best measurements are achieved, PRT probe characteristics may be entered and stored. The measuring current may also be reduced by x 0.707 to determine self-heating of the probe, and the measuring current may be reversed automatically, displaying the average value.

Precision Digital Thermometer Technical Data Display LCD Graphics Panel, 240 x 64 Dot,
with LED backlight contrast control via keyboard Inputs Thermocouples via 4mm sockets in copper
block on 19mm pitch adapter plug for direct connection of thermocouple wire.
Reference Junction Compensation -Automatic with internal sensor, or with external Pt100 probe or
by manual input of value. PRT's via 6 pin Lemo socket, also used for external RJ measurement
Data Logging.

The 5885 thermometers come complete with a data logging function, enabling up to 4000 single
channel (2000 dual channel) readings to be stored together with a date and time stamp.
The stored values can be recalled to the instrument display and scrolled through using the keyboard,
alternatively these values may be down loaded to a PC file or printer.
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