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5894 Milliohmmeter with micro-ohm resolution.

The 5894 Milliohmmeter is suitable for applications that require either a milliohmmeter or micro-ohmmeter.
The robust design is suitable for workshop or laboratory use. It has an impressive range of features included as standard.
Two measurement modes are available: “Fast” for normal resistance and automated processes and “Slow” for the accurate measurement of inductive devices such as motor and transformer windings.


Model  Description 
5894  5894 Milliohmmeter. High resolution ohmmeter.

Measuring range 1.0000mOhms to 100kOhms
Maximum resolution 0.1microOhm
Accuracy 0.03%
Current setting from 10 microA to 1A
Measuring Voltage 4V
Printer Interface, PLC Interface
Programmable Limits
RS232C port for full external control of the instrument

The Milliohmmeter is also provided with an input protection circuit to guard against voltage spikes that can occur when measuring inductive components.
By simply connecting a resistance thermometer, measurements of copper and aluminum can be made
relative to 20° C.
A special feature to limit the open circuit voltage to less than 20mV is included to enable “Dry contact
resistance” measurements to be made.

Milliohmmeter Specification
Resistance Range  1.0000 Mohm .......100.00 kohm 
Resolution  0.1microohms 
Over range  80% to 18,000 
Max. Uncertainty  0.03% read + 2 dgt 
Measuring Speed/Time  10 measurements/second 
Display  4-1/2 Digits 
Current  1 mohm
10 mohm
100 mohm
1 ohm
10 ohm
100 ohm
1 kohm
10 kohm
100 kohm
1 A
1 A
100 mA
10 mA
1 mA
1 mA
100 microA
100 microA
10 microA 
Measuring Voltage  4V (20 mV limit for contacts) 
Max Inductive Power  <100VA 
Temperature Comp  with PT100 Probe Range 20degC/23degC 
Temp coefficient  Off, Cu or Al 
Zero Correction  Compensated at each measurement 
Input protection  Against inductive spikes 
Error detection display and message (RS232)  Open potential leads: 'SEN' ('ESEN')
Open current leads: 'CUR' ('ECUR')
Over range >80%: 'OVR' ('EOVR') 
Limit Settings  Manual (keys) or RS232 
Ports/Interface  RS232C, Parallel Printer, PLC 
Measuring start via  Key, RS232, PLC, Potential free contact 
Size (without cables)  280 x 80 x 240 mm (WxHxD) 
Weight (without cables)  Approx. 3kg 
Environment  -10 degC to 40 degC working
-20 degC to 60 degC storing
<95% Humidity, not condensing;
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