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5902 Long Haul Submarine Cable Test Set.
The 5902 Long Haul Submarine Cable Test Set brings the latest technology to the tried and tested DC methods of cable fault location. The more common test procedures which are associated with the location of types of cable fault such as open circuits and shunt faults are pre-programmed into the instrument.
This allows the procedure to be carried out automatically therefore eliminating operator errors and reducing the uncertainty of the prediction of fault position. The instrument may be set for a wide range of voltage and current limits making it suitable for use with most submarine communication cable systems.

Long Haul Submarine Cable Test Set

Model  Description 
5902 Long Haul Submarine Cable Test Set

Safety being an important feature, the instrument gives a continuous indication of the state of charge of the
cable under test and will automatically disallow current, voltage or polarity changes to be made until any
voltage on the cable has fallen to a level which is safe for both the cable and the instrument.
A safety interlock operates to remove high voltage from the output should a cable patch lead be removed whilst a test is in operation. The setting up of the instrument is menu driven with prompts being displayed
on an eight line LCD display.

This display is also used to indicate at which stage a test procedure has reached during its implementation.
The RS232 interface is designed for full duplex communication. All functions may be controlled via a computer
and obtained data may be stored for future analysis.
This interface may also be used to enable two 5902's to communicate with each other when carrying out
double ended tests such as no loss of current.
After fault detection the electroding generator function may be used to assist the cable repair vessel in locating the cable on the sea bed prior to retrieval and repair.

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