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5916 Electroding Cable Detector.
The 5916 Electroding Detector is the ideal equipment for use on board ship when the electroding method is being employed for the detection of submarine cables buried or laid on the sea bed.
This light weight and portable instrument can be mains powered or can operate for several hours from its own internal, rechargeable battery pack. Ideally suited for use with the Electroding Generators, the 5916 will also operate with any generator operating in the frequency range 4 to 40Hz.

Electroding Cable Detector

Model  Description 
5916 Electroding Cable Detector

The Electroding Detector is a high gain low frequency selective Amplifier to detect the electric field from a submarine cable powered by the 5915 electroding generator or similar.

The detector amplifies, filters, indicates and records signals of the selected frequency in the range 4Hz to 40Hz. At the highest gain setting a 1µV RMS input signal of the correct frequency will give a full scale reading on the analogue front panel meter and the optional chart recorder.

The detector is completely self-contained in a splash proof IP65 portable case. Rechargeable batteries are included in the case and also a mains power supply which will recharge them.
External batteries may also be used. A clock/timer is incorporated on the front panel to help synchronize detected events.
To use the detector the signal input terminals are connected to the customers receiving probes, the exact operating frequency is selected on the thumbwheel switches and the gain switch is adjusted to obtain a useful indication of the signal.

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