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5917 5918 Electroding Probe and Detector system.
The 5917/5918 Electroding Probe and Detector system is a high gain low frequency selective Receiver/Amplifier to detect the electromagnetic field from a submarine cable energized by the Tinsley 5915 Electroding generator or similar.
The 5917 Beach Probe and 5917D Divers Probe are inductive probes suitable for receiving 15 to 30Hz signals emanating from a suitably energized submarine cable. The 5918 detector amplifies, filters, and indicates the signal received at the selected frequency. At the highest gain setting a 10µV RMS input signal at the correct frequency will give a full scale reading on the analogue front panel meter.

Probe and Detector system

Model  Description 
5917 Electroding Probe
5918 Electroding Probe Detector

The 5918 detector is completely self-contained in a portable carry case with shoulder strap. Integral rechargeable batteries are included and a separate mains power module is supplied to recharge them. In use the 5918 detector is connected to the receiving probe, either a Tinsley type 5917 Beach probe or 5917D Divers Probe.

The exact operating frequency is selected on the thumbwheel switches and the gain switch is adjusted to obtain a useful indication of the signal. A frequency of either 16.7Hz or 25Hz is recommended when using the 5917 Probes. An audible output signal is available which can be heard by using the plug in headphones supplied. The larger the signal received the higher the frequency heard.
A volume control is provided for adjustment of loudness.

The 5917/5918 Probe and Detector System is used either on land, or on the beach.
The 5917D Divers Probe can also be used in up to 50 meters water to locate submarine cables.
A tone in the range of 16 Hz to 25 Hz is transmitted down the submarine cable by an Electroding Generator such as the Tinsley type 5915 unit.
This signal is picked up by a Tinsley 5917 or 5917D Probe connected to the 5918 Detector.
The 5818 Detector and 5917 Beach receiving probe would normally be held by a person walking along the beach, however, as they are portable, the detector may be operated from any small boat or launch to search over shallow water. The 5917D would normally be held by a diver and would be connected to the 5918 in a boat/ship via an umbilical cable. It is suitable for use in depth up to 50 Meters.
The received signal is processed and passed to the analogue front panel meter and headphones audio output.

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