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5930 Submarine Cable Locator Survey System.
The Tinsley Submarine Cable Survey System is designed for use by divers working in areas where it may not be practical to use an R.O.V.. With a low frequency electroding tone applied to the cable, the system can be used to locate cables buried beneath the seabed and to establish their burial depth.
The system consists of a hand held Sensing Unit (Type 5931) that is designed to be easily operated whilst under water. An audio output to the diver allows the Sensing Unit to be positioned at a point with the highest signal level. This corresponds to a point directly over the cable being surveyed.
Once the cable is precisely located the Sensing Unit is placed on the seabed at that point and a measurement of Burial Depth made.

Submarine Cable Locator Survey System

Model  Description 
5930 Submarine Cable Locator Survey System

The Sensing Unit is connected to the shipboard Display Unit (Type 5930) via an umbilical cable.
The Display Unit uses microprocessor technology to compute the data received from the sensor and to
display the information as the burial depth of the cable. Many special functions are incorporated within the Display Unit. It features a Spectrum Analyzer that is used to identify any areas of the usable frequency range for the Survey System that exhibit a particularly high level of electromagnetic interference.

The use of this frequency can then be avoided whilst cable surveying in that particular geographical location. Digital filtering of the input signal is used to ensure the instrument displays clear and unambiguous results.
Electronic tuning enables the system to precisely detect the frequency of the tone applied to the cable.
The Single Sensor probe Model 5932 is used for fast location of cables. It does not give burial depth measurement.

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