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TTI-10 is a high accuracy handheld temperature indicator.

The TTI-10 is a high accuracy handheld temperature indicator with two platinum resistance thermometer inputs. The high precision makes the instrument particularly suitable as a portable reference thermometer to use alongside Isotech temperature calibrators such as the Fast-Cal, Isocal-6 and Dry Block ranges.
It is also suited for high accuracy measurements in industrial and scientific applications.

2 Channel Hand Held Precision Thermometer

Model  Description 
TTI-10  2 Channel Hand Held Precision Thermometer
Accuracy: ±0.02°C over full range.
Resolution: 0.001°C.
Range: -200°C to +850°C.
Stability: <0.005°C per year.
Dual probe inputs

TTI-10 brings laboratory level performance of up to 10mK (0.01°C) and resolution up to 0.001°C in a portable handheld instrument.
Battery life is typically 20 hours from a 9V PP3 battery and a protective rubber boot offers protection in field use.
The instrument can capture the minimum, maximum and average values over up to 4000 measurements with a logging rate selectable in the range of 1 second to 30 minutes.

TTI-10 supports Isotech Semi Standard Platinum Resistance probes with system uncertainties (probe and instrument) as low as 10mK.
We recommend the 935-14-61 and 935-14-16 probes detailed below and have special calibration deals available.
Other probes and ranges are available, refer to Semi Standards – Platinum Resistance Thermometers in catalog
2 Channel Hand Held Precision Thermometer.
Range  -200°C to 850°C
Accuracy  ±0.02°C 
Resolution  0.001°C 
Stability  <0.005°C 
Probe Types  Pt100 
Thermometer Input  
Latching Lemo 
Communications  USB interface
Data Storage Capability  4,000 reading (combined total for both inputs) 
Display Units 
°C, °F, K or Ù 
Display  89mm / 3.5” QVGA (320 x 240) colour TFT LCD with LED backlight 
Power  9V battery 
Dimensions  7.9"(200mm) x 3.34"(85mm) x 1.57"(40mm) (HxWxL) 
Weight  300 kg (0.6 lbs) 
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