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UC-504 Universal Calibrator

The UC-504 Universal Calibrator
UC-504 Universal Calibrator enables measurement and generation of signals used in Instrumentation and Process Control.
It is a high-accuracy instrument, having high stability features in temperature changes and long-term aging conditions. It contains useful items allowing its on-field and workbench use. 

UC-504 Universal Calibrator

Model  Description 
UC-504  Universal Calibrator

Measures and generates mA, mV, Volts, Ohms, RTD, TC and Hz.
Simultaneous input and output operation.
Small, battery-operated, portable.
Pressure modules optional.
Interfaces with Windows-based Calibration Software to provide a true Computer-Aided Calibration

The universal calibrator also incorporates concepts of automatic checking and calibration via computer, such as report and certificate issues, automatic work management, data sorting and storage for an overall coverage of quality procedure requirements.

Additionally, various optional modules are available, intended to perform pressure and temperature measurements.

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