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ITL-100 One two phase power energy transmitter.

The Model ITL101 Broad Band Power Transmitters can be tailored to your needs and are suitable for DC, 50/60/400Hz power line, frequency inverter, and other electronic drives.
The ITL101 Broad Band DC-50kHz Universal Power Transmitters are available as single-phase, 2-phase (ARON),  3-phase, and multi-phase versions (e.g. channel 1/2 in ARON, 0-20mA output; channel 3 for DC-power,  0-5V output). In addition to the standard current- and voltage ranges special ranges for current 10mA-20A, and voltage, 10V-600V, can be supplied. 3000Vac channel to channel - and channel to output isolation results in maximum freedom for input connections.

ITL-100 Universal Power Transmitter

Model  Description 
ITL101-1  Single phase transmitter, specify voltage and current
ITL101-2  2-phase transmitter (ARON), specify voltage and current
ITL101-3  3-phase transmitter, specify voltage and current
ITL101-4  2-phase transmitter (ARON), output 0-20mA; 1-phase
transmitter output 1, 0-5V, specify voltages and currents.

Suitable for DC, power lines, inverters
1-, 2-, 3-, and multi-phase
Isolated channels each phase (3000V)
DC-50kHz, Option DC-100kHz
Fast response output for process control
Outputs: ±20mA / ±5V for power, 3600
Pulses / hour for energy
0.2 % accuracy
Wide voltage range 10V-600V
Wide current range 10mA-20A, extendable to 3000A
Multi-phase: two outputs for power

The ITL101 withstands fast common mode transients and can be used in frequency inverters and other
electronically switched loads.
Available options are: DC-100kHz, non-standard voltage range, non-standard current range, 40ms response output for process control, energy output (3600 pulses per hour for full scale), bipolar output to measure recuperated power, and single- and three phase 0-100A current sensors.

ITL-101 Specification
Current Ranges In ITL101-1/2/3/4: 1A, 2A, 5A, 10A, 20A; working range: 0-150 %; DC-50kHz 
Voltage Ranges Un  ITL101-1/3: 120V, 250V;
ITL101-2/4: 200V, 400V;
working range: 0-150 %; DC-50kHz 

Power Ranges   ITL101-1: voltage x current;
ITL-101-2: 2 x voltage x current;
ITL101-3: 3 x voltage x current;
corresponds to 20mA or 5V. 

Power Accuracy  40-400Hz: 0.1 % reading +0.2 % range (0.2 % typical) 0≤PF≤1;
DC, 400-1000Hz: 0.3 % reading +0.2 % range, 0.7≤PF≤1;
1kHz-10kHz: 1 % typical 

Output  0-20mA, 0-5V; Bipolar output optional 

Overload continuous  Voltage: 1.5 x Un; current: In/10A, 3 x In; In = 20A, 1.5 x In. 

Overload 1 second  Voltage: 3 x Un; current: In/10A, 5 x In; In = 20A, 2 x In. 
Input-output isolation  3kV / 50Hz / 1 minute 
Temp. coefficient  -10°C to + 50°C; 0.002 % / deg. C 
Supply  230V / 50Hz / 3VA; 115V/60Hz/3VA 
Case  Light gray. Polycarbo / ABS case, wall mounting (M4 x15, 85 x 50mm) Support
rail mounting (DIN EN 50022-35)  
Size/Weight  H x W x D = 70 x 100 x 115mm; 400gr. 
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