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LTP1 vacuum calibration pump.

LTP1 Low pressure vacuum pneumatic hand pump generates pressure and vacuum in 25 inHg vacuum to 30 psi pressure.
The LTP1 Vacuum pressure pump acts as a dual source of pressure and vacuum.
This hand pump's small range makes very fine adjustments easier.
The LTP1's range is 25"Hg vacuum to 30 psi, with 0.00145 psi sensitivity.
These hand-held, portable hand pumps supply pressure generation with standard fine-tuning adjustments and pressure relief valves.
These pressure hand pumps are ideal for use with electronic calibrators, digital indicators, analog gauges, pressure transmitters, transducers, relief valves, or similar instrumentation.

Vacuum Pressure Pump

Model  Description 
LTP1  LTP1 Pneumatic Hand Pump
pressure and vacuum generation in 25 inHg vacuum to 30 psi
LTP-1-K  LTP1 Pneumatic Hand Pump Kit
with six NPT fittings and carrying case

Dual source of pneumatic pressure and vacuum.
Fully portable hand operated unit.
Generating up to 2000 mbar, 30 psi pressure or -850 mbar, 25 in Hg vacuum.
Quick fit instruments are available to use with the system including electronic calibrators, digital indicators and analogue gauges.
The LTP1 is supplied in a light, high quality plastic carrying case, with hoses, adaptors, seals and provision for additional instruments.

Pressure Calibrators and Pressure Gauges are also available.

 Pneumatic pump pressure kit.

The Hydraulic Pump Kit includes:

LTP1 Pneumatic Pressure Pump
Hard Sided Carrying Case
User Manual
Calibration Hoses

Pump Specification:

Output Pressure: 0 to 2000 mbar, 30 psi
Output Vacuum: 0 to -850 mbar, 0 to -25 in Hg
Materials: Bright nickel plated brass, clear anodized aluminum.
Adjustment: Fine volumetric pressure / vacuum adjuster with 0.1mbar,
better than 0.00145 psi sensitivity
Dimensions: 170 mm x 46 mm DIA (6.7" x 1.8" DIA) Weight: 587 grams.

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