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VI-700 Programmable Source

The VI-700 Programmable Voltage Current Source.
Various features and options make the VI-700 manual or programmable voltage, current source an effective choice for many manual and programmable voltage and current applications.

VI-700 Voltage Current Source

Model  Description 
VI-700            Programmabe Voltage Current Source 

Voltage output range of 100 µV to 20 V or 200 V
Current output range of 0.1 µA to 20 mA or 200 mA
3½ digit resolution, 0.75 LSD accuracy
Manual thumbwheel operation or programmable digital input, IEEE-488 interface or parallel BCD
Optional portable battery pack
May be used as a component in a closed loop control system

Voltage Current Source Specification
Voltage  Current
Output Ranges  200 mV, 2 V, 20 V;
(200 V with HV option). 
Output Ranges  200 µA, 2 mA, 20 mA,
200 mA (with HI option). 
Resolution  100 µV, 1 mV, 10 mV;
(100 mV with HV option). 
Resolution  0.1 µA, 1 µA, 10 µA;
100 µA (with HI option). 
Accuracy  ±(75 ppm + 0.25 LSD) (LSD=least
significant digit), @ 23° C, no load,
after warmup, typically 0.25 LSD;
worst case error <0.5 LSD. 
Accuracy  ±(75 ppm + 0.25 LSD), @ 23° C,
after warm-up; typically
<0.5 LSD;
worst case error <0.75 LSD.
Output Current  70 mA, (200 mA with HP option)
maximum load up to 20 V;
(10 mA for 200 V range with HV
option); with LED overload
Compliance Voltage  0-20 V;
with LED overload indicator. 
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