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QJ42E Resistance Bridge.

The QJ42E is a low cost portable dc double resistance bridge for low resistance measurement below 11Ω. This bridge can be used in the measurement of conductivity of metals, the d.c resistance of coils of generators and transformers, and the contact resistance of electric brushes, relays and switches.

QJ42E Kelvin Resistance Bridge.

Model  Description 
QJ42E  QJ42E Portable Kelvin Resistance Bridge.

Kelvin Resistance Bridge specification 
Range  0.0001Ω to 11Ω 
Accuracy  ± 1% 
Galvanometer  Built in 
Galvanometer sensitivity  2mA/mm 
Power  Built in Dry cells 6x 1.5V, or external 
Dimensions  240 x 180 x 140 mm 
Weight  Approximately 6kg 
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