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Mini Wind Tunnel

The Mini Wind Tunnel Velocity Instruments Calibrator.
Mini wind tunnel can be used for regular checks on the velocity probes and air velocity measuring instruments.

Wind Tunnel. Air velocity instrument calibrator

Model  Description 
0554 0450  Mini wind tunnel for air velocity calibrations 

3 speed levels can be set : 2.5/ 5 /10 m/s
The measured values are traceable to the PTB standard if DKD certified
testo 400 reference measuring instrument is used
Application range: +10 to +40° C
Accuracy of wind tunnel: ± 1% of measured value (at least 0.1m/s) plus calibration
uncertainty of the respective reference measuring instruments certificate
Calibration accuracy obtained: accuracy of wind tunnel + Accuracy of test probe/system

Wind Tunnel Specification

Overall Length  610mm 
Ø of measuring tunnel  Approx. 100mm (inside) 
Velocities  2.5 / 5 / 10 m/s (Switchable) 
Probe Holder  Generally for all Testo velocity probes with the exception of Ø 100mm vanes 
Motor  DC Fan 
Power Supply  115V or 230V 
Warranty  1 Year 
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